Boresha Coffee – Infrared Roasted

December 12, 2008

Boresha means To Make Better.



As most coffee connoisseurs know, the most important part of the coffee process is the roasting. During the coffee-roasting process, natural coffee acids form which can lead to heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach. Reducing these irritants can allow coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs to enjoy coffee.

Roasting coffee changes the chemistry and physical characteristics of the green coffee bean. The beans shrink in weight depending on the roast profile. Typically a lighter roast is about 15% and a darker roast about 20% by weight. During the roasting the beans acquire the hue and aroma of fresh roasted coffee. Coffee roasting is a process by which aromatics, acids, and other flavour components are either created, balanced, or altered in a way that should augment the flavour, acidity, aftertaste and body of the coffee as desired by the roaster.

Standard Roasting

Standard Commercial roasting puts the beans on a flat screen conveyer which roasts the beans by blowing flame heated hot air from below. Another method is to place the beans in a tumbler and then blow the flame heated hot air through as they tumble.

Both methods, however, have a tendency to allow the flame to burn the beans and to not cook them evenly and all the way through. Also, acidic compounds are still present in the beans, and at a much higher content.


Boresha only uses pure, organic, AA Arabica beans hand picked at their prime from the original African soil. Custom roasted in small batches to guarantee smooth controlled flavor. Other Commercial coffees are usually hot air roasted with unevenly cooked “acidic” beans.  Boresha is a part of the exclusive 2% of coffee beans that are specialty roasted using Infrared technology.

Coffee beans that are specialty roasted increase in temperature quicker than those roasted by hot air. Studies have shown that compared to conventional roasting, infrared roasting showed less increase in radicals on the bean. Highly noticeable was the consistent formation of brown coloured compounds showing the bean was uniformly heated and never burned. The infrared roasted beans had a quick increase in the internal temperature but suffer from less damage on the surface. The study also revealed a uniform and quick decrease in moisture and thus undergo uniform heating even at the core.

Even more note worth was the changes in the contents of citric acid, malic acid and formic acid that are naturally found in the bean. When monitored and compared to conventional roasting, infrared roasted coffee beans showed changes from an earlier stage. As the roasting proceeded, the infrared roasted coffee beans contained these acids in a smaller amount!

The content of aroma compounds were found to be 25% more than that of conventional roasting, and when tested was found to carry the same standard to the cup. The taste from the extract of hot air roasted coffee beans was similar to most conventional roastings, while the extract of the infrared roasted coffee beans was different from them (i.e., weaker acidity) leading to a coffee without a bitter taste.

The conclusion on the study was this… “From the viewpoint of taste, the extract of the infrared roasted coffee beans is distinguishable from the existing [convention roasting], since it is rich in aroma components and shows a ‘light’ acidity.” (Source:, 2008)


Boresha Coffee is Superior Through and Through.

Boresha coffee is never burned, has no bitter taste, an increased aroma, and produces a bean with less acidity levels. Try it and taste the difference.

Angelas Coffee Shop

Boresha brings an Organic, Fair Trade Certified Healthy Coffee.
Experience the Natural Vitality, Clarity and Health Benefits of fresh brewed Boresha.

To learn more about this process or to taste our Gourmet Coffee please contact


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